Carl Gusler

[This is part of a series of posts describing how IT contracting compares and contrasts with  the structure described in the PMBOK.]

Business application owners may dream of hosting everything in a heavenly cloud.  However, somebody somewhere must own the tangible infrastructure elements.  For large enough applications, there can be economies of scale or competitive advantages in owning your own infrastructure.  In some industries, privacy, security, or regulatory issues dictate that an organization host its own infrastructure.  If your organization or client is large enough, this may be part of your project.

Hosting your own infrastructure means making decisions about how that infrastructure will be managed.  Historically, organizations that owned their own infrastructure also maintained their own IT staff to manage and operate that infrastructure, with augmentation from specialized contractors when needed.  (Please see the accompanying article about procuring IT support services.)  In the modern era, organizations have additional…

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